May 1, 2019 Rainmaker

A Thank You Note

Common Change receives its fair share of thank you notes and we occasionally share them as a way to remind us all to do small things with great love and how that simple act can have a ripple effect.

Anyway, thank you for what you do on a daily basis to change people’s lives. This was such a blessing to Christina and changed her life in such a profound way. And she will use this house to bless others so the circle just keeps going.

Here’s the back story

Cristina lives in Central America in a modest house on the side of a mountain. She spends her days visiting the poor and elderly, helping meet their basic needs. She applied to a government program that would build a more stable house for her and her family, but the government funds would only cover half the cost. A friend in the U.S., who happened to be a member of a Common Change group, requested the remaining funds to construct a decent and safe home for Cristina and her family. And in turn, in her new home, Cristina hosted her neighbors and those in need from her community.

How often do we wonder what a person would do with the money if we could give it? If I’m honest, I assume they’ll spend it frivolously on things that I’ve determined they don’t need. What a humbling, convicting realization than to see a person who receives generosity turning around to bless others. We think we are just helping a friend, but we may never know how many people were helped because of the one person we touched.