Binding Together

by Rich Jones

HR Oasis[WHT+ORG NoStrap]A few years ago, my friend Travis Glendenning and I started a conversation around how to make our communities even better. I am a local pastor as well as my district’s high school cross country coach. Travis is a public school teacher in the district next to mine, and is also that district’s cross country coach. It is a conversation centered on our shared belief in the importance of persons and organizations engaged with each other in meaningful ways for community transformation. Out of these conversations (many of which we’ve had on long runs together) between us and others, we talked about building “community hubs”. A hub is rooted in a local neighborhood for the purpose of building relationships and highlighting services already in the community, and identifying assets and finding ways to use those assets for the benefit of that community. Read more

25 Ways To Help Someone You Care About

Although not always obvious, we are surrounded by opportunities to help those we care about. It is quite easy to overthink the sharing of a story because we have our own preconceived notions of what a need might look like. The following list is simply designed to help spark your imagination as you consider helping someone you care about.

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Common Change & Cuba

For over a decade Common Change has had a connection to Cuba. New York magazine recently published a story on the sharing economy in Cuba.

New Services Starting Today

carrier_pigeonWe are very excited to have finally launched our new services after months of development. Our main goal for the new services is to make it easier to submit a request so we can share with those we care about as quickly as possible. Most of all, we wanted to help you, the members of Common Change, by making life just a bit easier for you. If you take a look at the new services we think you’ll get a pretty good idea of what were aiming for, what we value and, more importantly, how we work really hard to adapt to a changing world.

Common Mail
You will be assigned a pigeon that will carry your request and replies to the others in your group.

Common Smoke Signal
After joining your group you will receive a member manual that will give instructions to build robust fires that will send the ideal amount of smoke for other members to see when you have a request or are replying to a request.

Common Tree
Upon having 25 members in your group, each member will be sent Common Tree seeds through Common Mail including instructions, sent through Common Smoke Signals, about how to plant them. The seeds will produce a mature tree — its leaves being the new universally accepted currency.

We hope that you find these new services helpful.

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