Gift of Birth

A family relative was about to give birth in a far off country. They were hoping to have a natural birth for their second daughter with their midwife present. As only one hospital in their area offered that and was not covered by their insurance, a request was made to a Common Change group to help them out.

We were able to walk alongside family and friends who helped contribute and together with the $400 Common Change sent were able to cover the up-front co-payment needed to gain access to the hospital. This prevented them needing to borrow from credit and start their life with their new baby in any kind of debt. They have since given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Medical Burden Relief

A good friend who had been struggling with health issues for a while had been diagnosed with a tumour some years ago which was operated on but not fully removed. This had continued to cause problems and earlier this year some tests led doctors to suspect some type of auto-immune disease. Health insurance refused to cover some of the costs as they related to a pre-existing condition. A request was made to a Common Change group and $2000 was able to be sent to help cover the medical tests through to April and at least release a substantial part of the burden.