Common Change South Africa is here

Image Credit: Jimmy Baikovicius

We are excited to announce that Common Change South Africa is now a registered non-profit company!

Our vision is to help people pool money with those they know, to share with people they care about; nurturing generosity, sharing, and restitution in South Africa. We seek to support the groundswell of individuals who believe that giving together and in deeper relationship with each other will multiply our giving, expand our impact, grow our intentionality and increase our communal wisdom. 

What we all do on our own already, will be done better, together! 

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Digital & Financial Inclusion

CivicX7-App-FlierWe are thrilled to see the Points of Light Civic Accelerator is launching it’s spring 2016 program with a challenge to accelerate tech adoption and financial inclusion for all. From user-generated and peer-to-peer technologies, equitable access to financial services and skill development, to models that influence savings and spending habits, the potential solutions are many. Learn more at‪#‎CIVICX‬ ‪#‎digfin‬