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notesDo you have a new startup or an idea?

We would love to hear about it, drop us a line. Our incubator is a collaborative program designed to help founders and new start-ups succeed.

Check out the great work that Troy Bronsink has done with The Hive Cincinnati. The Hive exists to develop creative, compassionate, and mindfully-engaged citizens in the Cincinnati region through small group classes, events and workshops.

Setting Our Imaginations Free

wallstphotoFifty years ago today, Abbie Hoffman and his collaborators sent traders on NYSE sprawling for dollar bills. 15 years ago a handful of us sought to spark our own prophetic and economic imagination. Shane Claiborne wrote the below excerpt in Sojourners Magazine.

After months of laughter and dreaming, it really happened. It was a big day. And we were ready (though we still had butterflies in our bellies). About 40 people brought all the change they could carry, more than 30,000 coins in bags, coffee mugs, briefcases, and backpacks. Another 50 people would be meeting us on Wall Street. A dozen “secret stashers” ran ahead hiding hundreds of two-dollar bills all over lower Manhattan-in parks, napkin holders, phone booths. At 8:15 we started trickling into the public square in front of the main entrance to the New York Stock Exchange. We deliberately dressed to blend in; some of us looked homeless (some were), others looked like tourists, and others business folks. Word of the redistribution had spread throughout New York, and nearly a hundred folks from the alleys and projects had gathered. We had choreographed the celebration like a play production, making Wall Street the stage of our theatrics of counter-terror. At 8:20, Sister Margaret, our 70-year-old nun, and I stepped forward to proclaim the Jubilee.

“Some of us have worked on Wall Street, and some of us have slept on Wall Street. We are a community of struggle. Some of us are rich people trying to escape our loneliness. Some of us are poor folks trying to escape the cold. Some of us are addicted to drugs, and others are addicted to money. We are a broken people who need each other and God, for we have come to recognize the mess that we have created of our world and how deeply we suffer from that mess. Now we are working together to give birth to a new society within the shell of the old. Another world is possible. Another world is necessary. Another world is already here.”

Then Sister Margaret blew the ram’s horn (like our Jewish ancestors used to) and we announced, “Let the celebration begin!” 10 people stationed on balconies above the crowd threw hundreds of dollars in paper money, filling the air. Then they dropped banners which read, “Stop terrorism,” “Share,” “Love,” and “There is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed-Gandhi.”

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Who do you believe you are? It’s an odd, but profound question to ask, but who you believe you are today will go a long way toward determining who you will be tomorrow, and how you will act right now.

When someone says they’re trying to become something, or hoping to be something, there’s a different expression on their face and a different cadence in their voice than when they will do it, or they are doing it. If someone is unsure, they’re going to communicate uncertainty. But if someone is confident, if they are sure of their target, that confidence is communicated in the words they speak and the look on their face. Confidence inspires, encourages and leads.

One of the joys we have at Common Change is helping communities become what they had previously only hoped to be. Much of the time, it starts with moving from a place of saying I want, or I hope to taking the next step. From “I want” to “I will”. Before putting together a plan, inspiring others to join in, and turning the Titanic, you have to ask yourself one question that will make all the difference: Who are you? The answer to that question will determine your ability to take the next step.



Violence & Peacemaking

If poverty is the worst form of violence as Mahatma Gandhi said, then generosity might be the best form of peacemaking. When people are impoverished not only does it rob them of their dignity, it can often threaten their very existence. It can lead to unrest and even put countries or neighbors at war with one another. Some might argue that what we need is larger fences and bigger military defense to keep us safe. When poverty makes the world less stable, we are all less safe. When it comes to questions of making the world a safer place; how might your generosity be a force for making peace? Today, seek to be a peacemaker in your family, neighborhood, city, country, or world. Take one step towards making peace by being more generous.

Photo: The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt in Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg Russia


I would like to inform you that Valerie Anderson is transitioning her focus from operations of Common Change to the country director of Common Change South Africa.

Valerie Anderson has strengthened and grown Common Change through her service, first out of Oakland and later from South Africa. Since her coming to work with us, many events have changed our entire globe, and she has always remained receptive to growth in the vision, responsibilities and interests of Common Change.

Her mark on our organization in evident in almost every area. Her unique ability to see solutions, think creatively, create something from nothing, and personally embody a vision that she worked to invite others to was not only invaluable, but inspiring.

Valerie is moving on, and April 15th, 2016 marked her last day in her formal roll with Common Change Ringmaster. Although she is formally leaving as Ringmaster, she is continuing to shape and share Common Change South Africa and I am sure you share my same enthusiasm about seeing the great things that come from that group of people caring for their country.

This next season is an exciting one as doors open for Valerie to tackle her next adventures with the same passion and dedication she gave to Common Change. Working alongside her has been an honor and a privilege. I can say without reservations that I have always been proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together.

I wish her the best both professionally and personally. While I will miss the day-to-day interaction with her – she has been an indispensable part of our team – I know she will continue be a change-maker wherever she is and whatever “team” she is on.

Darin Petersen
founder & ceo

An Other Kingdom

This March, Common Change is jointly reading through a brilliant new book: “An Other Kingdom”, by Block, Breuggemann and McKnight.  An Other Kingdom resonates with Common Change’s principles and vision: to eliminate economic isolation and create a community of groups bound by a commitment to meet each other’s needs through relationship. We want to dive into this book together to deepen our corporate participation and engagement in the principles of collaborative giving, and to broaden our understanding of the ways in which the Common Change values seek to construct an alternative reality.

Join us! Go ahead,  buy a copy and let us know if you will be participating. We’ll be hosting regular virtual meetups and facilitating online dialogue and guided discussion through the book. Follow and contribute to the conversation on social media with #CommonChangeReads and #AnOtherKingdom

Here’s a  teaser from An Other Kingdom

We need a new narrative, a shift in our thinking and speaking. An Other Kingdom takes us out of a culture of addictive consumption into a place where life is ours to create together.  This satisfying way depends upon a neighborly covenant—an agreement that we together, will better raise our children, be healthy, be connected, be safe, and provide a livelihood. The neighborly covenant has a different language than market-hype. It speaks instead in a sacred tongue.

Authors Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann, and John McKnight invite you on a journey of departure from our consumer market culture, with its constellations of empire and control. Discover an alternative set of beliefs that have the capacity to evoke a culture where poverty, violence, and shrinking well-being are not inevitable—a culture in which the social order produces enough for all. They ask you to consider this other kingdom. To participate in this modern exodus towards a modern community. To awaken its beginnings are all around us. An Other Kingdom outlines this journey to construct a future outside the systems world of solutions.

Common Change South Africa is here

Image Credit: Jimmy Baikovicius

We are excited to announce that Common Change South Africa is now a registered non-profit company!

Our vision is to help people pool money with those they know, to share with people they care about; nurturing generosity, sharing, and restitution in South Africa. We seek to support the groundswell of individuals who believe that giving together and in deeper relationship with each other will multiply our giving, expand our impact, grow our intentionality and increase our communal wisdom. 

What we all do on our own already, will be done better, together! 

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Digital & Financial Inclusion

CivicX7-App-FlierWe are thrilled to see the Points of Light Civic Accelerator is launching it’s spring 2016 program with a challenge to accelerate tech adoption and financial inclusion for all. From user-generated and peer-to-peer technologies, equitable access to financial services and skill development, to models that influence savings and spending habits, the potential solutions are many. Learn more at‪#‎CIVICX‬ ‪#‎digfin‬