What We Do


Inspire South Africa

We desire to nurture a culture of generosity, sharing, and collaborative decision-making in South Africa.

Expand Collaborative Giving

We seek to support those who believe that giving together and in deeper relationship with each other will multiply our giving and expand our impact and longevity.

Value People

We seek to move resources more directly to people who need them, with as few degrees of separation as possible and to eliminate personal economic isolation through a commitment to restitutive and proactive giving.

How to get Involved

Generosity Dinners

Engage in a generosity dinner, an event-based exploration and experience of the principles of collaborative giving. To learn more, click here.

Giving Groups

Participate in a continual practice of shared giving, inviting the wisdom of the group in meeting needs in relational ways. Interested in starting a pilot group? Ask us how!

Grow the Movement

Consider contributing your expertise and time to helping us pilot in South Africa and inspire others towards transformative, engaged and unconventional ways of practicing generosity together.

Next Steps

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Generosity Dinners

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