New features: Guests, Friends, & Vacationers


Times are changing and so is Common Change.  We’ve been working hard and are excited to let you know a few new features we’ve developed.  By design, participants are members of groups.  Now you can also have friends, guests, and vacationers in a group.

  • Does someone you know love contributing financially to the group and want to see what’s happening? As a friend you can present requests, discuss and participate without having the responsibility of weighing in on the approval process.
  • Have someone who’s interested in your group but is not quite sure about joining as a member? Invite them to be a Guest of the group, for a period of time, without affecting the approval process by members.
  • Going on vacation? Activate a vacationer hold that will still allow you to participate in requests but will remove yourself from the approval process so that requests do not get held up.


To take advantage of one of these new features, simply email us with your member email address, your desired involvement, and length of time (for guest and vacationers).

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Reply By Email


We are excited to announce, as of today, that you can reply to your group requests by email. Simply reply to a request notification email, write your comment.  You can also “weigh” in by typing YES or NO after your comment.  Your response will be reviewed and delivered to the thread and viewable on the website.

If you are already receiving email notifications, you are all set to use this new service.

If you are NOT receiving email notifications, or are receiving daily digest and would like to utilize this new service, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Navigate to the “My Account” tab
  3. Navigate down the page and click the box for “Send me an email for every new message: Receive an email for every new post” under “Select how you would like to receive email from the group using one of the following three settings” and click save at the bottom of the page
  4. Add to your safe list (accepted domains), as messages may be routed to junk folders and not your inbox.

I hope that this is just another tool that helps us engage more fully in pooling money with people we know to give to people we care about.

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us at

Who’s helping who

Just a few request currently being discuss or recently approved by groups on the site.  Also read the Power of A Request and Guide to Posting a Request for best practices on helping friends.

  • Community development meal
  • Supporting a friend having a baby
  • Neighbor’s electricity bill
  • Mortgage and rent payments for family in transition
  • 6 Chiropractor sessions for friend in chronic pain
  • Flight to support a friend dealing with parental deaths
  • Birthday party for mom and 4 kids living in a shelter
  • Single mom needs gas bill paid
  • Final adoption payment for dear friend
  • Rent assistance for single mom and daughter
  • Repair of critically damaged roof
  • Medical bills for birth of daughter
  • Replace stolen items for elderly neighbor
  • Help single dad send his daughter to college
  • Starting a roadside café business
  • Personal development course for at-risk youth
  • Airfare for community development meeting

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The Power of a Request

It’s the most beautiful, although quite possibly the most anxiety-provoking, part of Common Change – bringing a request before your group. Realizing that you have the opportunity to impact someone that you care about can be exhilarating and daunting. You want to help; and you want to help well.

Here are a few things to consider when presenting an opportunity to your group.

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Most Generous Metropolitan Areas in the United States

A study released earlier this month (October 5) by the Chronicle of Philanthropy looked at the percentage of giving per income of the 50 largest metropolitan areas. How do you think your city stacks up?

  1.  Salt Lake City Utah
  2.  Memphis Tennessee
  3.  Birmingham Alabama
  4.  Atlanta Georgia
  5.  Nashville Tennessee
  6. Jacksonville Florida
  7.  Oklahoma City Oklahoma
  8.  Dallas Texas
  9.  Charlotte North Carolina
  10.  Virginia Beach Virginia

Take a look at the rest of the list


Doing Good is Good for You

Health and volunteering study was done by United Healthcare and here’s a few interesting findings from their study.

  • 78% said that volunteering helped lower their stress levels.
  • 94% said that volunteering helped to improve their moods.
  • 96% said that volunteering enriched their sense of purpose in life.
  • 49% said volunteering had helped them in their career.
  • More than 75% said that volunteering had helped them with their time management skills.

Volunteering with Common Change is about more than lending a hand. It’s about learning, collaborating and sharing your skills with a community  — who help shape the world every day.

Browse current opportunities with Common Change or email Valerie (valerie at common change dot com) about being involved.

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