How It Works

Step One

Join or Create a Group

Join Common Change, then create or join an existing group. If you create your own unique group, you can write a description & a covenant stating who you are and what you are committed to. If you join an existing group, you can read & accept the shared hopes of the group & start participating with them.

Step Two


Invite friends to join your group who have a common desire to assist in meeting needs, whether helping cover a relative’s hospital bill or reaching out to a classmate whose family has been hit by tragedy.

Step Three

Fund The Group

Fund your group “piggy bank,” which is an ongoing fund that is used to meet needs that group members recognize in their communities. Groups choose how to fund their piggy banks by giving a fixed amount regularly or agreeing to give a percentage of their income. Needs are met from the growing pool of money collecting in your group fund.

Step Four

Share A Need

When a member sees a need in their community, they can share the request with the group. It gives you power to know you can make a difference, by being part of a group and financial fund larger than yourself. Giving is on a one degree of separation basis, helping individuals, not organisations. 100% of the money donated to your Common Change group goes to meet the needs of your group, making it clear exactly how your money is helping out.

Step Five

Decide How To Help

As a group member you then “weigh in” to decide if you would like to support each particular request. By sharing comments and suggestions each member adds to the wisdom of the group to help decide how best to meet the need.

Step Six


Once a need is approved, payment is sent. This unexpected gift in a time of need can be a powerful encouragement to the recipient. The beauty is that it gives the whole group a chance to make a positive impact. Over time you may see needs in your community but lack the finances or position to make a difference on your own. With a group piggy bank and all individuals keeping an eye out for needs in their community we are empowering individuals to walk alongside people they know who are in need.

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Funding Behind the Free

Since conception, Common Change have sought to compassionate help as many people as possible. We believe that when helping people in their time of need that every dollar counts. This is why we have never charged any amount to utilize our service, and we plan to keep it that way.

We rely on the generosity of people to help us provide a free platform for those struggling with life’s challenges. At times, we do receive financial support from our amazing partners and other individuals who believe in our mission. People who give to groups on Common Change have the option of providing a voluntary contribution to support our operations and help keep fundraising free. We are incredibly grateful to those who have contributed and in doing so, chosen to participate in our mission to bring life-changing collaborative giving to as many people as possible.

We trust that you will join us in investing into this vision of enough by being a monthly donor.

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Common Change UK

Why Common Change UK?

Life is unpredictable and any of us can be hit by a crisis at any time that may be connected to, for example:

  • The loss of employment
  • A sudden illness or accident
  • A bereavement or the breakdown of a relationship

When these unexpected events bring with them serious financial impact and insecurity they are referred to as ‘income shocks’. Over a quarter of the UK adult population (i.e. 14 million people) will have suffered at least one income shock in the last year. Millions of us have neither ‘rainy day’ savings nor access to family and friends who may offer temporary assistance in such a time of crisis.

Without an adequate social security safety net many people’s last resort is high- cost borrowing in the form of credit cards, payday loans, overdrafts and pawnbrokers. This toxic combination of an unexpected financial challenge arriving suddenly in the absence of protective factors pushes as many as one million people per year into serious problem debt. Recent research in the UK reveals that income shocks are “the key determinant of whether someone falls into problem debt”. This can push people into personal economic isolation and insecurity.

What can we do about it?

We may know of someone in pressing need of support…

  • Our neighbour may just need a month’s rent to avoid eviction
  • A ‘friend of a friend’ may have be in hardship due to taking time off work to care for an elderly relative
  • Someone we know of may need financial support to enable rehousing after escaping a violent relationship

However, we’re not able to respond because on our own we don’t have the financial resources required to make a difference. The result is that we can be left feeling dis-empowered, and inertia sets in, so welcome Common Change UK!

Common Change UK has a goal of eliminating personal economic isolation and insecurity. This approach is a radically ancient response to these sorts of social problems – in fact its inspiration goes back 2000 years. The early church community described in the New Testament included a commitment to hold resources ‘in common’ in such as way that ‘there was no needy person among them’. (Acts 4:34)

In this way Common Change UK groups and individuals are now pooling money with people you know to share with people you care about.

Common Change UK, Registered Charity no.1171076



Common Change was born out of a vision that still guides us: That there is enough for all who inhabit the planet. We believed then, as we do now, that if we could just get enough people together we could eliminate personal economic isolation.

Common Change believes that generosity begets generosity. Relationships rooted in generosity and gratitude matter because, in times of crisis, that web supports us in turn. This isn’t just what we do and believe at Common Change, it is how we operate as a nonprofit. By offering Common Change in the “gifting” manner we do, we are asking people to decide on their own “level of gratitude” instead of it being dictated to them. As Common Change UK begins it’s journey you may want to help fund us. If you do then please drop us a line.