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eliminating personal economic isolation

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Why We Do What We Do

Life is unpredictable and any of us can be hit by a crisis at any time that may be connected to, for example:

  • The loss of employment
  • A sudden illness or accident
  • A bereavement or the breakdown of a relationship

When these unexpected events bring with them serious financial impact and insecurity they are referred to as ‘income shocks’. Only 39% of Americans have enough money to cover a $1,000 emergency. Millions of us have neither savings nor access to family and friends who may offer temporary assistance in such a time of crisis.

Without an adequate safety net, many people’s last resort is high- cost borrowing in the form of credit cards, payday loans, overdrafts, and pawnbrokers. This toxic combination of an unexpected financial challenge arriving suddenly in the absence of protective factors pushes millions of people per year into serious problem debt.

What can we do about it?

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pooling money with people you know to share with people you care about.

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What We Do

Our dedicated team is happy to assist you with know-how, tools, and advice.

Donation Process

Donate via several mediums, making giving quick and effortless the way you feel comfortable.


Peace of mind that your group funds are being managed in line with the highest accounting standards and practices.

Tax Deduction

Common Change is a 501(c)3 organization and donations to your Group Fund may be tax deductible


Use the website tools and services for a donation.

Group Creation

Give with people you know, engendering trust and safety.


From who you give with, to who you give to, know who and where your money is helping.

Fast & Friendly Support

With 10 years experience in collaborative giving, receive support when you need it.

Quick Payout

Benevolence funds are distributed within 1 to 3 business days of the need request being approved.

Group Decision-Making

Tap into the “wisdom of the group” in coming up with better solutions together than you could alone. 


 We started with a simple question, what is poverty? That led us to ask how might we create a culture that reflects the reality that there is enough for all of us?

Common Change

Funding Behind the Free

Since conception, Common Change have sought to compassionate help as many people as possible. We believe that when helping people in their time of need that every dollar counts. This is why we have never charged any amount to utilize our service, and we plan to keep it that way.

We rely on the generosity of people to help us provide a free platform for those struggling with life’s challenges. At times, we do receive financial support from our amazing partners and other individuals who believe in our mission. People who give to groups on Common Change have the option of providing a voluntary contribution to support our operations and help keep fundraising free. We are incredibly grateful to those who have contributed and in doing so, chosen to participate in our mission to bring life-changing collaborative giving to as many people as possible.

We trust that you will join us in investing into this vision of enough by being a monthly donor.