How It Works

Step One

Join or Create a Group

Join Common Change, then create or join an existing group. If you create your own unique group, you can write a description & a covenant stating who you are and what you are committed to. If you join an existing group, you can read & accept the shared hopes of the group & start participating with them.

Step Two


Invite friends to join your group who have a common desire to assist in meeting needs, whether helping cover a relative’s hospital bill or reaching out to a classmate whose family has been hit by tragedy.

Step Three

Fund The Group

Fund your group “piggy bank,” which is an ongoing fund that is used to meet needs that group members recognize in their communities. Groups choose how to fund their piggy banks by giving a fixed amount regularly or agreeing to give a percentage of their income. Needs are met from the growing pool of money collecting in your group fund.

Step Four

Share A Need

When a member sees a need in their community, they can share the request with the group. It gives you power to know you can make a difference, by being part of a group and financial fund larger than yourself. Giving is on a one degree of separation basis, helping individuals, not organisations. 100% of the money donated to your Common Change group goes to meet the needs of your group, making it clear exactly how your money is helping out.

Step Five

Decide How To Help

As a group member you then “weigh in” to decide if you would like to support each particular request. By sharing comments and suggestions each member adds to the wisdom of the group to help decide how best to meet the need.

Step Six


Once a need is approved, payment is sent. This unexpected gift in a time of need can be a powerful encouragement to the recipient. The beauty is that it gives the whole group a chance to make a positive impact. Over time you may see needs in your community but lack the finances or position to make a difference on your own. With a group piggy bank and all individuals keeping an eye out for needs in their community we are empowering individuals to walk alongside people they know who are in need.

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Funding Behind the Free

Since conception, Common Change has had stakeholders and members who have proudly provided the necessary funding to offer our high-quality, ad-free, and non-commercial services to anyone looking to participate in collaborative giving.

Most stakeholders and members started as someone exploring who we are and what we do. This was made possible by individuals who went before them by providing funding to keep our operations going, and in turn they became contributors who provided funding for the next generation of potential participants.

We trust that you will join us in investing into this vision of enough by being a monthly donor.

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