July 27, 2018 Rainmaker

Your story of empathy, storytelling, and compassion

You see the traveler standing at the intersection asking for spare change. The guy in your neighborhood who walks around with his two kids in a too-small stroller asking for help buying baby formula for his youngest child. A co-worker’s friend needs bus fare to travel 200 miles to attend her son’s funeral. The instinctive reactions for many of us go something like this: I wish I could help but what difference can I really make? Maybe I could give a few dollars here or there, but is that person’s life really improved? How do I really know the need is real?

But what if you were connected to a group of friends who were willing to approach these challenges and opportunities together? What if the common affinity was a belief in pursuing a different way to share and multiple gifts? With combined resources, perspectives, and empathy, the impact could be magnified. When we act together, not only is our own scarcity transformed into communal abundance, but we also find an antidote to the same isolation that resonated in those stories of need.

Could you take one small step in this direction? Contact Wilmina for a straightforward way to join a community of empathy, storytelling, and compassion.