November 13, 2015 Valerie Anderson

Better Together

My perspective on tackling community issues was transformed through the generosity dinner. At the beginning, as all of the needs were discussed, I was discouraged and doubtful. “We can’t tackle all this,” I thought. But as we broke down each need – as we discussed how the needs might be met through existing resources and non-monetary means –

I saw our power as a group grow and the intimidation of the needs shrink.

It was a real experience of hope.

Leaving the dinner, my wife and I couldn’t help but think, “What else can we do? The sky is the limit when we do things together as the body of Christ.” Previously, I had been thinking individualistically about community change: What can I do? I realized the question must become, “What can we do together?”

Chris Lundt and his wife, Emily, recently moved from the USA to Cape Town, South Africa. He is working in the area of restorative justice in the prison system. Chris wrote these reflections after attending a local Generosity Dinner and seeing first hand how giving together and in deeper relationship with each other multiplies our impact, grows our intentionality and increases our communal wisdom.

What we all do on our own already, is done better, together.