September 22, 2015 Rainmaker

Our Group in Old Trafford (UK)

IMG-20150918-WA0006After completing The CAP Money Course we started asking how to start living more generously. Then we remembered reading about Common Change in “The Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne. Within a short time, a group of friends who pray and do life together with us started a group in the UK. It’s great having the money safe in the Common Change fund to trust our contributions will get directly to people we care about who are in need.

Some stories we have gotten to be a part of:

James, a single parent, was under pressure from social services about keeping on top of housework. Our group was able to demonstrate that there is a community of people who care about him and his family and help resolve concerns by cleaning up the house together and hiring equipment.

Another friend, Samantha, was really stressed with anxiety, dizziness and panic attacks. Our group was able to connect her with a great chiropractor. Each week my wife and Samantha would drive together to doctor visits that really made a difference with in Samantha’s condition.

Patricia, another single parent in our neighbourhood, moved to a new house which didn’t have enough storage.  Our group was able to buy much needed furniture for them, and buy them a house warming present.

Lisa was really struggling with her bills and we were able to bless her family with a gift to pay their taxes. They felt loved by a wider community.

A kid from our childrens’ school had their bike stolen. It was great to show the family someone cared by buying a new one, as well as installing a lock outside the house to make sure this one stayed.

All of these stories would not be possible had it not been for Common Change and for a group of friends who were happy to try something new here in Manchester. There are more stories and we are excited there will be even more in the future as we look to build relationships with people in our community who become our friends and join this radically different economic movement!

Malc Sterling lives in Old Trafford with his wife Lynda,  4 kids and dog collie. Malc is a firefighter and Lynda is an artist. They love living in a diverse neighbourhood and getting to know their neighbours.

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