September 16, 2015 Valerie Anderson

Common Change is growing in South Africa

sa handThere are arguably few places in the world where the need for a new model of giving is as critical as in South Africa. The country is still dealing with the effects of apartheid in the current economic, social and political spheres. This shows itself in economic disparity and deeply felt wounds of inequality and lack of access to opportunity.

South Africa is characterized not only by deep economic chasms, but by even deeper relational chasms that drive us ever further apart.

Common Change is founded on these principles: God has created an economy of enough and intends for people to care for one another. This is not simply about benevolence or charity, but about a call to friendship. Common Change South Africa seeks to support those who believe that giving together and in deeper relationship with each other will multiply our giving, expand our impact, grow our intentionality and increase our communal wisdom.

We believe that what we all do on our own already will be done better together.

Since May 2015, four South African groups have been practicing giving in this way: pooling money with people they know, to share with people they care about. The collective generosity of this small gathering of ordinary individuals has been astounding to watch! In 4 months, these groups have contributed over R40,000 rand to help meet the needs of friends, neighbours, colleagues and family.

They have helped provide a new bed for a refugee family, truck driving lessons for a father to get more stable work, an educational psychologist assessment for a girl in high school, school fees for a family of four, and university entrance fees for a young man studying community development. They’ve contributed toward the monthly expenses of a family doing critical grassroots organizing in one of the poorest townships in Cape Town, and contributed toward an internship position for a friend.

Now it’s time to formally register as a non-profit company so that Common Change South Africa can continue to grow and support a movement of generous and connected people. We’ve gathered a group of committed individuals who are championing Common Change on the ground, serving as Board Members, Advisors and Supporters. We cannot wait to see the growth of Common Change South Africa in the coming months.

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