August 14, 2015 Rainmaker

Entrepreneurship in Cuba

The climate for starting a business has been expanding in Cuba for locals.  Common Change has been working and supporting these efforts for many years. The opportunities to obtain a business license has arrived for many Cubans but access to capital is scarce.

This is something we can change.

This changed for Enrique, who obtained a business license to start a pastry shop. He started by buying the pastries prepared or produced by shops, however that the quality was not meeting the expectations of his customers and they were leaving.  Listening to feedback from his customers he began to produce his own pastries and things began to change.

A $400 gift given from Common Change to Enrique was invested into an oven to meet the demands of his growing pastry business.

With your help, Common Change has the opportunity to support other entrepreneurs and opportunities in Cuba. We must respond quickly while this window of opportunity remains open, please consider how you might help.