January 12, 2015 Valerie Anderson

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Written by Kathryn Arthur and Valerie Anderson

Doing: the activities in which a particular person engages.

Being: the nature or essence of a person.

What is the difference between Doing and Being? When a person does something to such an extent that it becomes part of them it is no longer something they merely do, it is instead attached to their identity and who they are.

In the last few weeks Common Change has challenged you with The Generosity Project. Hopefully, along the way, we’ve inspired you and shown you just how simple generosity can truly be.

We want to challenge you to move from generosity as an event, to generosity as a lifestyle. From doing; to being

Here are five ways you can begin making generosity a lifestyle.

1. Practice gratitude everyday. Out of the sense of awareness of what we have flows the conviction of what we have to give.

2 Look for ‘generosity opportunities’ everywhere you go. Generosity takes us outside of ourselves – outside of our comfort zones, our to-do list, our schedules and the concerns that consume us. Lift your eyes to look for the people that could use a little generosity.

3. Give more than money. Choose to express generosity in ways that take you beyond your wallet – be generous with your time, your resources, your skills, your words, your networks, and your space.

4. Join with others. We fervently believe that generosity begets (inspires, gives birth to and nurtures) generosity. Invite others to join you in regular rhythms of generosity. Share a meal once a week and invite someone who’s new to the neighborhood. Make a list of items you have that you could share with your neighbors. Create a giving circle on Common Change and together meet the needs of those you care about.

5. Make it intentional. Don’t simply wait for generosity opportunities to come your way. Build them into your regular schedule of life. Be intentional about making space for generosity. At Common Change we believe that change is greater than cents. We want our giving to be motivated by a choose towards a more generous lifestyle.

In 2015, join us in moving from Giving Generously to Living Generously. The more you practice, the more it’ll become a habit.

Consider joining a Common Change Generosity Group or starting one of your own to make your generosity more consistent alongside friends.

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