December 22, 2014 Valerie Anderson

Inclusion > Exclusion

Written by Kathryn Arthur

The last time I was home for Thanksgiving was in 2007, when I was 17. When I chose to move across the country to attend university I didn’t realize how much being invited into another person’s home, and “adopted” for a day, would mean to me – especially during the holiday season. Now that I live overseas this is even more important since I am rarely in my home country. The people who have opened their homes to me and treated me as family have become some of my strongest lifelines. And now, I also find myself opening up my home to others who are too far from home to return.

Opening up our spaces and traditions, including others, encouraging others, and spending time to connect are all forms of generosity that are often forgotten.

How can we welcome estranged family, distant friends, unknown neighbors, strangers and the lonely into our community, around our table, and into our lives?

We believe that our lives are richer when we open up our hands and hearts and welcome others in to our safe spaces. This week think about who you might know that may need a little company and consider inviting them into your celebrations.