December 2, 2014 Valerie Anderson

Abundance > Scarcity

What does an economy of enough look like? We’re heading into a season where we’re told we need MORE: to buy more, get more, do more, have more and eat more. This reckless pursuit of more only leaves us with LESS: less time, less money, less hope and less perspective.  As the holiday season ramps up we’re at risk of finding ourselves with more exhaustion and less energy; more debt and less freedom; more obligation and less inspiration. Maybe even more stuff and less appreciation for it.

How do we push pause and recalibrate our hearts, minds, hands – and wallets?

When we shift perspective and begin from the belief that we have enough, we are emboldened to live out of a sense of satisfaction and security versus fear and desire. We can look boldly into the lives of others, realizing that we are not limited by scarcity or competition for limited resources or crippled by mindsets that drive us to want and need more. We can respond generously to those around us. We can hold all we have – our stuff, our time, our resources, our expertise and networks – with open hands. We no longer look for what we can get back. We pursue what we can give back.

The Generosity Project is about inspiring #generousliving. We will be sharing content over the next few weeks to spark new ideas and re-imagining of the holiday season, as well as daily ideas of small ways to begin building your generosity muscles to make #generousliving a habit for the upcoming new year!

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