May 22, 2014 Brett Anderson

One group. Many needs.












Inspired by the Concept of Common Change? Check.

Signed up, started a group, filled it with your friends? Check.

Started depositing money on a regular basis and have built up a nice group fund? Check.

But now it’s been two months since the last need was submitted and there are no obvious needs staring you in the face. What’s a group to do?

Well fortunately for you, we have seen over $500 000 dollars worth of needs shared over the last 9 years of doing this both formally and informally and so here are some suggestions of types of needs you may not have thought about:


1] Extract the pain – Share the burden of a friend’s expensive dental procedure.

2] Instead of flowers – Defray funeral costs for a neighbor’s loved one.

3] Give the gift of sleep – Sponsor a weekend getaway for new parents.

4] Ease the Pain – Grief Counselling for a friend in mourning.

5] Help launch a Future- Pay for SAT coaching classes for a student.

6] Invest in a Marriage -Professional Marital Counselling sessions for a struggling couple.

7] New Job? – Professional work clothes for the first day on the job.

8] Extend Hospitality – Language classes for a newly arrived refugee family. 

9] Celebrate a new birth – Put together a gift package of diapers, formula and toys.

10] Keep the Lights on – Pay a friend’s utility bill.

11] Keep communication open – Cover a friend’s phone bill for the month.

12] Fan the flame – Send your married friends on a romantic date.

13] Cheer on a student – Send a gift package to them in the lead up to exams.

14] Growing a family – Cover the adoption costs for a couple navigating the process.

15]  Support Education – Buy School Supplies at the start of a new year.

16] Climb on the bus – Buy a monthly bus pass to help make the commute to work.

17] Patron the Arts – Extra music lessons for a friend’s child during the Summer.

18] Celebrate a life – Throw a birthday party for a neighbor’s child.

19] Promote Independence – Assist a teenager with driving lessons.

20] Share the Burden – Help a friend with medical co-pays.

21] Travel Safe – Cover annual car maintenance fees.

22] Give Breathing Room – Purchase a month’s groceries.

23] Sustainable Income – Help launch a new business with startup money.

24] A Second Chance – Pay first three months rent for someone fresh out of prison. 

25] Equip and Inspire – Technical skills training for a young adult.

Is there someone in your life who has a need like one of these?

This is what being part of a Common Change group is all about.

What are you waiting for? Time to get posting.