May 1, 2014 Brett Anderson

Celebrating April

1 year after launching the Alpha version of Common Change, we have just had a record month of benevolence. Collectively we shared $10, 654.99 to meet needs around us!







This month, Common Change groups did the following:

  • – Helped repair two vehicles
  • – Paid utility bills for a friend facing disconnection
  • – Supported a young man’s music career by fixing a donated piano
  • – Journeyed alongside seminary students through a gift of kindness
  • – Helped a son travel home to his father’s funeral
  • – Helped a women home from prison to get her first apartment
  • – Bought pain patches for a young boy in chronic pain
  • – Supported a group of young people in a South African township in uplifting their community
  • – Paid for a young man’s last year of schooling
  • – Helped with medical bills as a couple welcomed a new member to their family
  • – Paid hospital fees for a man hit by a motorcycle
  • – Purchased a walker for a homeless friend
  • – Walked alongside a group of people in repairing their village and re-establishing self-sufficiency after a fire left thousands homeless

From California to Cape Town, Arizona to Texas to the Philippines to Canada to Ghana – these ordinary individuals practiced extraordinary benevolence, connecting in tangible ways to journey alongside people they know and love.

If you’re part of a Common Change group, let these stories inspire you to look around for where next you can journey with people you know.

If you’re not yet part of a group, what is stopping you? To get started, contact us today!