March 21, 2014 Brett Anderson

Skills Training

Have you ever dreamed of a better future?

Daniel is a keen young man, eager to enter university in Ghana, but a lack of funds means he may have to settle for no higher education.

That’s where Common Change got involved. Daniel’s friend is a member of a Common Change group.  He brainstormed with Daniel, and Daniel came up with the idea of taking a foundational computer course while he tries to gather the funds necessary for university. The amount involved for the foundational course was $450 for the next 6 months. The group was happy to pay this to help Daniel get closer to his dream of a university education.

Some needs we meet are small. Others seem much larger. Who knows the possible impact this first step could have on Daniel, on his family and perhaps even his community or country?

We take our little and combine it with that of our friends in our group and pretty soon new possibilities become visible as needs are shared and met.

How can you get creative in meeting the needs around you?