Real People. Real Technol… People!

It’s funny how a story that looks to be all about technology is actually so much more about simply being human in the best of ways:

As the people behind the scenes of Common Change, trying to make it all happen well, we sometimes feel a bit like that.

Waitaminute… are we a technology company? Then how is it we are always checking on links and reporting bugs and working on UI?

And then a new need is presented, and the group weighs in, each person giving an idea as to how we might be able to meet that need well, and a gift is sent.

A life is changed. Or at the very least encouraged. As not just a friend, but a whole community of people who maybe don’t even all know that person have said, “We’re behind you on this! We’ve got your back!”

Suddenly, there is it. The reminder why an organisation that is all about people, sometimes has to look and feel like it is all about technology. We do the technology so that you can invest in the lives of those you know, who at this particular moment in their life, might be in some kind of need.

This is what Common Change is all about – and we are so glad to have you be a part of it.