October 31, 2014 Rainmaker

New features: Guests, Friends, & Vacationers


Times are changing and so is Common Change.  We’ve been working hard and are excited to let you know a few new features we’ve developed.  By design, participants are members of groups.  Now you can also have friends, guests, and vacationers in a group.

  • Does someone you know love contributing financially to the group and want to see what’s happening? As a friend you can present requests, discuss and participate without having the responsibility of weighing in on the approval process.
  • Have someone who’s interested in your group but is not quite sure about joining as a member? Invite them to be a Guest of the group, for a period of time, without affecting the approval process by members.
  • Going on vacation? Activate a vacationer hold that will still allow you to participate in requests but will remove yourself from the approval process so that requests do not get held up.


To take advantage of one of these new features, simply email us with your member email address, your desired involvement, and length of time (for guest and vacationers).

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