October 22, 2014 Rainmaker

Who’s helping who

Just a few request currently being discuss or recently approved by groups on the site.  Also read the Power of A Request and Guide to Posting a Request for best practices on helping friends.

  • Community development meal
  • Supporting a friend having a baby
  • Neighbor’s electricity bill
  • Mortgage and rent payments for family in transition
  • 6 Chiropractor sessions for friend in chronic pain
  • Flight to support a friend dealing with parental deaths
  • Birthday party for mom and 4 kids living in a shelter
  • Single mom needs gas bill paid
  • Final adoption payment for dear friend
  • Rent assistance for single mom and daughter
  • Repair of critically damaged roof
  • Medical bills for birth of daughter
  • Replace stolen items for elderly neighbor
  • Help single dad send his daughter to college
  • Starting a roadside café business
  • Personal development course for at-risk youth
  • Airfare for community development meeting

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