Title: Coworker in need of car transmission repair
Recipient Information: Oswaldo Anderson, 484 Lake Park Ave APT 665, Oakland CA 94610 USA, +1-510-323-2349, support@commonchange.com
Category: Transportation
Type of Request: Basic living & preventative
Amount: $500
Time: 7 Days
Description: Over the past two weeks I became aware that Oswaldo, who is a university professor that Ive known for six years, recently had the transmission go out in his car.  Im proposing that we help replace the transmission at a cost of $500.
Payment Method: Check
Payment Information: First Choice Transmission, 123 Main St, Oakland CA 94610 USA, +1-510-444-1111
Payment Note: Invoice #23489 for Oswaldo Anderson was emailed to support@commonchange.com

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