Troy Bronsink

Community-Sourced Sabbatical

We invite you to support this community-sourced sabbatical for Troy.
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Troy Bronsink is a spiritual entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the common good, and now it’s time for us to say thank him.

And now, we (Common Change), Common Good Collective, & The Hive are delighted to stand with Troy to support a needed sabbatical. For 25 years, Troy has given of himself in the service of others. For the past five years, he has focused his efforts as a founder at The Hive; the conscious community Troy helped birth that offers awakening experiences and fuels collective change in the world.

We invite you to help out by donating to this community-sourced sabbatical that will allow him to take this much-needed break. This break (sabbatical) is a break to reflect on the learning from his life’s work on the connection between spiritual practices, small groups, and creating the conditions for lasting cultural transformation.

We invite you to read, Troy’s personal invitation and reflection on sabbatical.