November 12, 2018 Rainmaker

The Table of Collective Abundance

You might know people like Charlie and June. They’re the ones who are always giving, always sharing, always opening their home, asking what others may need. They’ll open up about their needs if asked, but they don’t usually put the spotlight on their own struggles. But stay close enough to Charlie and June, and you may get the opportunity to see something amazing. The moment when the caregivers become the recipients of abundant generosity brings an unexpected joy. Being able to give reminds each of us of our shared humanity; it reminds us of the vulnerability of merely being alive. We all know the saying that it’s better to give than to receive, and in this way, Charlie and June get to share the joy of giving by being on the other end for a change. Common Change provides the opportunity to experience that joy, inviting all to the table of collective abundance.