November 7, 2016 Rainmaker

Why I Volunteer With Common Change

fullsizerenderwritten by Wilmina Taghap

I  recently read this idea of being a “faithful companion and diligent servant,” prompting me to take inventory of my present life. How am I a faithful companion in this life journey? Am I a diligent servant? And as other questions brew in my heart and mind, Common Change keeps coming up as one of the answers.

Reconnecting with Common Change as a volunteer is probably the reason why that is in the forefront of my mind.  You see, I initially volunteered with Common Change a little over three years ago right after I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean. I did meaningful work from connecting with those that were ‘cared for’ and those who were ‘caring for their neighbors.’ I was even given the official title of ‘Generosity Liaison,” sounds so fancy to me (:

Now that I am back living in the Eastern Caribbean and settled in, I longed to do more meaningful work and Common Change gave me that avenue.  I am now helping groups take new steps; from starting up to getting into rhythms of collaborative giving.

I am super excited to see the stories that will unfold as I walk with Common Change groups, while striving to be a faithful companion and diligent servant.