September 9, 2015 Rainmaker

Need A Computer For School?

“Which computer is best for college?” is a question that is asked by many who are returning back to school this fall.  And for others it’s not even a question of which one is best but “How can I afford one?”.  Personal computers have become an important part of society with students depending on them for routine activities that are required for their education.

Common Change is thrilled to see so many groups taking the opportunity to help people they care about launch a new school year well with a much-needed computer that will help eliminate obstacles that otherwise would be daunting.

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Here are a few examples of ways that Common Change groups are helping in the area of education:

  • Provide a laptop computer
  • Pay for books for the semester
  • Help with tuition costs
  • Classroom supplies
  • Clothing and uniforms

So, don’t be afraid to ask a student if they have everything they need for school.  You might be surprised how a simple question of inquiry can communicate care and open opportunities.



Sherry (above) participates in a Common Change group and shared a request for a computer for Brenda, a young woman who is off to college and who she cares for deeply.  Her group quickly helped meet this need.

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