January 30, 2015 Rainmaker

Introducing Common City Lexington


We are thrilled to announce Common City Lexington, a new initiative being pioneered together with First Presbyterian Church in Lexington, Kentucky. By bringing together individuals, businesses, organizations, nonprofits, schools, and faith communities the Common City Initiative (CCi) is designed to create an holistic ecosystem of gifting (collaborative giving).

Common Change has been spearheading collaborative giving with the simple desire to eliminate personal economic isolation by moving resources more directly to people who need them, with as few degrees of separation as possible. Collaborative giving isn’t about the transaction; it’s about the relationship.

The beauty of Common City Lexington is that it is driven by local people who are passionate about starting or expanding collaborative giving and strengthening local relationships. Sherry Maddock, Common City Lexington Ambassador, is an active resident of downtown Lexington, advocating for citizens’ involvement in all levels of neighborhood revitalization.

_DSC1284This initiative gives everyone a chance to participate in creating a more inclusive economy in their city. By establishing a gifting ecosystem that seeks to move resources directly to people who need them, we will strengthen the relational fabric of local community. The ripple effect will be felt throughout the community and have the opportunity to grow and improve our neighborhoods.

Have questions about Common City Lexington or the Common City Initiative? Send them to Support@CommonChange.com


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