December 16, 2014 Valerie Anderson

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Written by Kathryn Arthur

I would be the first to tell you that I absolutely love the holidays and everything that goes with it. With an addiction to Pinterest and a love for surprising others, I have a tendency to decorate, make, draw, cook, bake, plan and generally have a never ending to-do list this time of year. In the week just before Christmas however, I tend to burn out. I start to long for quality time spent with family and friends, rather than conquering my list of festive activities.

Too often we think generosity is all about the stuff we buy, make and give. When we think of generosity in these narrow terms, it turns into an expensive and endless to-do list. Something intended as an expression of joy and open-handedness can become the root of exhaustion and resentment.

How can we push pause and stop doing, and start being?

We believe that people are greater than projects. That the time you spend with others is more important than any project you may think should take priority. So as you consider your to-do list in this final week before Christmas, think of ways to value those you love with your time and presence.

The Generosity Project is about inspiring #generousliving. We will be sharing content over the next few weeks to spark new ideas and re-imagining of the holiday season, as well as daily ideas of small ways to begin building your generosity muscles to make #generousliving a habit for the upcoming new year!

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