December 8, 2014 Valerie Anderson

Relationships > Transactions

After years of giving in ways that disconnected me from my resources and from the real needs of those I cared for – cutting a check to a remote organization, throwing coins in a bowl –  I longed for giving that was more deeply engaged and transformative; that drew me into mutuality. That allowed me to share my experience, insight, time, hands and encouragement, not just my money

Often, we think of generosity as the mere transfer of resources from those who have, to those who don’t have. The “generous” in this definition are always the givers, and the receivers are rendered invisible. It matters little who they are, only that they are. When we think of generosity in transactional terms – one paying, one getting – we miss out on the richness and depth of a truly transformative interaction.

We believe that relationships are greater than transactions. That generosity moves in ebbs and flows between us. That what we have to give is not in proportion to the size of our bank accounts. We think that true generosity is more than charity, benevolence or philanthropy; it is a call to friendship.

Our greatest things of value are not things; they’re people

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