November 20, 2014 Rainmaker

Who is helping Whom This Week?

Every once in a while we like to randomly select a few requests to share publicly that groups are considering.  Common Change organizes them by the type of request – Transportation, Healthcare, Education, etc..

Transportation & Auto Expense   Health Care ExpensesEducation

  • Rent assistance for woman who lost her job
  • Help family get into Habitat for Humanity home before Christmas
  • Surgery cost for friend
  • Helping pay for a funeral
  • Helping Nigerian Family With Tuition
  • Takeaway meal for family moving house
  • Help friend recover from brain surgery
  • 5 tentsfor 5 Iraqi refugee families
  • Self Care for Friend working at an Orphanage in Jamaica
  • Meal for Community Development
  • Help single mom and daughter to remain in home
  • Medical bills for woman with HIV
  • Neighbor’s electricity bill
  • 6 Chiropractor sessions for friend in chronic pain
  • Mom needs gas bill paid
  • Medical bills for birth of daughter
  • Replace stolen items for elderly neighbor
  • Birthday party for mom and 4 kids living in a shelter
  • Preventative health and emergency food for Liberian family helping community fight Ebola
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