November 20, 2014 Rainmaker

A Better Yes And No

Over the course of time, we have understood that groups are often wrestling with how to best help – as it is not a matter of whether they will help, simply how to help.  Often times, individuals would simply stay silent on given requests since saying “no” felt as though they were wanting to block the request instead of trying to explore alternative ideas.  In the same way, a simple “yes” didn’t capture the sentiment that a member could go either way.

Helping Friends

Now you have four options: Concur – I agree with this and want it to go ahead, Open – I am impartial and okay with this, Wonder – I believe we can probably do better, and Disfavor – I have objections and am not okay with it going ahead.

The first two options will move the request forward as presented and the last two will encourage further conversation on alternative ideas how to help.  Our hope is that these additional weigh in options create deeper and more meaningful conversations within our groups.

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