May 17, 2014 Brett Anderson

This time is different

 Did you ever know of a friend who was in need, but not have the opportunity to help them in any tangible way? 

Just over a year ago I found myself in that situation. I had some friends who were suddenly in a really difficult situation and normally would have only been able to say to them, “I’m really sorry and I will pray for you.”

But this time it was different!

Thanks to being part of a Common Change group.

How it works is that some friends of mine and I regularly pool money together to create a common fund.   So when my friends were in need, I was able to share that with my group. As a result we were able to get directly involved by sending them a gift which was really able to help them out.

Common Change empowered me to assist my friends financially while walking alongside them during a tough time.  To find out more how you can pool money together with people you know and give it to people you care about, I give you three options:

Goodcontact me,
Better, check out Common Change,
Bestfill out this form to stay up-to-date with Common Change and have someone contact you if you would like specific help.