March 21, 2014 Brett Anderson

Real People. Real Care.

How do we walk well alongside our friends who are enduring much suffering?

All the way from the Caribbean comes this story from a Common Change group.

Daniela is an 88-year-old widow with a happy disposition and a ready smile. Her husband passed away in 2004 and she was left alone in their small studio apartment without family support. In 2006, she was taken in by the Elderly Project that her Common Change friend helped start.

Sadly, a few months ago, Daniela contracted cancer of the uterus and was put on a treatment of radiotherapy, as at her age surgery was too risky. Unfortunately, she lived quite far from the hospital, so making the daily commute was going to be a problem.

Daniela’s two main needs were identified as a room to rent close to the hospital and a companion for her during the eight weeks of her treatment. Through networking, the Common Change group was able to identify the answers to both of these needs, and a request was made to the group for the equivalent of $764 to cover the all these costs as well as taxi and food for the whole eight weeks.

Thanks to the action and collaboration of a group of friends who had committed to being part of a different kind of giving, Daniela was able to be well looked after during her treatment.

It’s not all about money. It’s about relationship. Is it time to become part of a Common Change group?