March 21, 2014 Brett Anderson

Emergency Assistance

Have you ever known someone who was in a serious accident? 

Josie, the friend of a Common Change member, was biking to work and got thrown off her bicycle. Despite wearing a helmet, she sustained serious damage to her mouth which required many complicated and painful medical procedures.

While in a long drawn-out recovery, limited to a soft food diet and still in a lot of pain, Josie faced long, frustrating battles with the Insurance company she was with at the time, facing many obstacles and frustrations along the way.

As the official channels continued to move at a snail’s pace, the oral surgeon prepared to send the account into debt collection, which would add damage to Josie’s credit history on top of the other emotional and physical toll this has taken on her.

Which is when her friend jumped in and shared the need with her Common Change group. Before too long, the group was able to contribute $2896 towards paying for the charges already incurred from the dentist, the CT scan, and the oral surgeon. The insurance company had denied the claim at this point and so the whole amount was falling on to Josie.

Josie still has a long journey ahead of her, but thanks to a group of people who have committed to combining their resources to meet the needs of people they know and care about, she was able to get some relief.

Imagine the possibilities that can occur when you decide to commit some of your resources towards meeting the needs of others.

Is it time you signed up and got your very own group going?