February 3, 2014 Brett Anderson

Real People. Real Mending.

Ever break a bone? 

A family who are friends of people in a Common Change group have a son who has osteogenesis, also known as brittle bone disease. He has already broken 4 bones and is not even two years old. 

When Martin heard about this, he shared the need with his group who were able to help pay the $200 bill for the co-pay for the latest break which was his femur and required a half body cast.

Along with helping ease the financial burden, this felt like just such a great way of providing some emotional support for a family who have a tough journey ahead of them.

One of the biggest strengths of being in a Common Change group is that we get to do this thing together – journeying with the people we give to in relationship. Who are the friends in your life who might be up for an adventure like this? Bring them to www.commonchange.com and get registered and going.