December 23, 2013 Brett Anderson

Real People. Real Refreshment.


A Common Change group member decided to ‘adopt’ a family for Christmas.

Louise, the mom, in her fifties, has been diagnosed with lung cancer leading to her 16 year old son and sister having to take care of her. She was sleeping on the couch and her two grandsons, who she adopted, were sleeping on dirty mattresses on the floor. When Richard’s Common Change group heard about this, they gave $300 to get new beds, sheets and mattresses, but they also found the beds on Craigslist, collected them and took them over and helped assemble them with her boys.

A very special Christmas gift for a family who has been through a whole lot.

It is so easy for you to become a part of telling your own stories like this. Find some friends who would be up to doing this with you. Then register on Common Change, form your group and get giving.