December 10, 2013 Brett Anderson

Real People. Real Housing.

Groups of dedicated Common Changers are collaborating to share stories and meet needs of those they know. As we head towards Christmas time, let us remember that it is not a happy time for many who have lost friends and family members this year or who are currently struggling to make ends meet.

In Texas, we have helped ease a burden for a family who has recently faced unemployment and ‘adopted’ a family for Christmas by fitting out their house with beds and mattresses; in Alabama, we were able to buy a juicer to give ongoing assistance to a dear friend who is struggling through cancer treatment; in California, we helped with the costs of a cremation for a family, who could not afford it; while in Kentucky, we assisted some family members with the costs of furniture needed as they moved into a new home.

Let’s celebrate a Common Change Christmas together.

If you have not yet shared a request this year, why not take this season as an opportunity to look around you and see if there is a need in the life of someone you know and love, that you could bring to your group?

Thank you for being the best part of Common Change.