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SV Friends

We invite you to support the vision of SV Friends as we seek to care for one another.
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In a world where community is no longer bound by geography, Silicon Valley Friends group exists to address needs in our “church” of friends spread across the globe. Close to home, we can provide hugs, meals or other tangible help. When miles separate us, meeting needs through dollars is a way of letting our friends know they are seen and loved. By pooling our resources, together we can address what seem to be insurmountable problems. By pooling our prayer, together we can find discernment and guidance.

We give through personal connection, knowing the people who receive our gifts have legitimate needs, and we celebrate with them as we see these needs met. We commit to respectfully and honestly share the needs presented to us, to give each one thoughtful and prayerful consideration. We do not limit our friends to delineated professions of faith, just as we do not believe God limits access to any who seek for hope and truth. Ultimately, our goal is to meet each person as Jesus did, with compassionate love and whatever we have to give.