Addie was working hard to change her future. Her father recently found out he was losing his job, and her parents were forced to short-sell their home and work extra hours just to stay even. So, Addie is paying her way through college, working at a fast food restaurant and taking on student loan debt. There is just one problem – Addie is missing a front tooth.

At Common Change we attempt to eliminate personal economic isolation. Often people think of that idea, economic isolation, in terms of extreme poverty and homelessness. But economic isolation occurs when barriers to someone living a whole and healthy life exist primarily because of a lack of economic resources. For those in our culture who have dental insurance or financial means, a missing front tooth would be an easily addressed problem. But for a 20-year old working college student without family financial support, basic dental issues present an insurmountable challenge.

Further, missing a front tooth presents a significant challenge to surviving and thriving in the workforce. The common conception in our culture is that anyone, with enough hard work, can pull themselves up and ahead. But that is ignorant of the basic realities that something as simple as a smile can have a major impact on a lifetime of financial achievement. So, Addie was facing the fact that the $3,700 she needed for a dental implant was standing in the way of a lifetime of economic achievement. She was economically isolated.

This is where the story of Addie and the story of Common change converge. A member of the Common Change community had a personal relationship with Addie and knew of her need. They brought the need to the group. We discussed the merits of the request. We looked at alternatives. In the end, we approved the funds Addie needed to receive a dental implant.

Common Change is a group of everyday people seeking to pooling money with people we know to share with people we care about. One need at a time, through relationships, we are seeking to eliminate economic isolation. Won’t you join us?

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