August 6, 2015

Valerie Anderson, Ringmaster (STRATEGY & OPERATIONS)

We are delighted to announce that Relational Tithe, Inc – the nonprofit behind the popular CommonChange.com application – has acquired the Austin-based peer-to-peer sharing platform, ActsOfSharing.com.

Common Change is a leader in providing solutions to eliminate personal economic isolation by helping people pool money with those they know, to share with those they care about. With members across 10 countries and 36 states, we are reshaping the way we give with and to one another. To date, Common Change members have donated over $720,000, helping thousands of families and individuals. The acquisition of ActsOfSharing.com reinforces Common Change’s leading position as a provider of insight, guidance, and tools for giving in more direct and relational ways.

We believe there is great need for alternatives to traditional forms of charitable giving which, despite their best intentions, still tend to be institutional and impersonal, and thus unintentionally perpetuate economic isolation. Research suggests that half of all Americans would find it unlikely or impossible to come up with $2,000 in the next 30 days to cover an unexpected expense. ActsOfSharing.com and Common Change understand the need for more personable ways to facilitate and enhance the sharing experience.

Founded in 2010, ActsOfSharing.com builds collaborative solutions to help communities share items that they possess with one another. We have created a unique strategic opportunity by combining ActsOfSharing.com’s multiple years of expertise and unparalleled commitment to help communities share together, with Common Change’s vision, leadership, and product development capabilities. We will remain focused on quality member-care as we strengthen and expand opportunities for you to share with people you care about.

“Given their outstanding team and our shared vision, Common Change is the perfect partner for us. We’re excited to work alongside them as we expand and enhance our solutions for communities to love generously. We’re incredibly excited for the future.” — Brian Boitmann, founder of ActsofSharing.com