Common City Lexington

moving resources more directly to people who need them
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What We Do

Inspire Lexington

To transform the economy of Lexington by promoting a gifting ecosystem led and supported at every level by expanding social capital and deeper relationships within the community.

Expand Collaborative Giving

To engage 1% of the Lexington urban population (3000 people) in actively participating in a more inclusive holistic ecosystem of gifting.

Value People

To move resources more directly to people who need them, with as few degrees of separation as possible.

Who Is Involved

Partnering Together

First Presbyterian Church of Lexington and Common Change are pioneering the Common City Initiative.

Local People

Sherry Maddock, Common City Lexington Ambassador, is an active resident of downtown Lexington and leads a team of local people who are passionate about collaborative giving.

Maybe You?

We are seeking to broaden our reach by expanding new groups, developing new technology, and establishing key partners.

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